About Us

About Us

Iyengar Capital is a medical device venture capital investment firm working with industry partners to bring innovative medical device solutions to the market which advance standards of care within a value-oriented healthcare system.

Female and minority owned, led by a CIO who has worked in medical innovation for over 30 years as an operator, physician and investor, Iyengar Capital understands how great medical device innovation transforms patient lives and raises standards of care within an evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Our investment team leverages its deep healthcare investment experience with an expanded team of world class advisors to add value to companies throughout the clinical development stage.

We have the experience and knowledge to invest in the early clinical development stage, where significant upside can be generated, and risk can be mitigated by our collective clinical, healthcare, and investment experience. We help generate upside returns and are a partner of choice to leading clinical development stage companies.

Our experience sets us apart from other investors, who are often not physicians themselves and haven't completed this journey multiple times like we have.

Testimonials from industry veterans...

"I have found few venture capitalists who really add value to serial entrepreneurs, but Tara is different. As we approach new areas, she immerses herself into the understanding of the clinical problem whether through literature or her expert network and brings insights that are actionable and help inform our decisions. This has been tremendously helpful to me as we explore diverse areas from women's health to radiation oncology. She has been a true partner to Incept companies."

Amar Sawhney: Serial Entrepreneur; Founder, Incept LLC

"As an investor and board member, Tara brings a unique perspective to her investments. Through her professional experience and academic training, she is able to effectively evaluate opportunities from both a clinical and business perspective. She is also informed by her time at Ascension, enabling her to offer insights from the provider perspective as well as provide valuable introductions to her extensive clinical network. Tara has been a supportive investor who also forces her management teams to examine problems and strategies from a critical point of view."

Allan Will: Serial Entrepreneur; Chair, EBR Systems (ASX:EBR); Founder, the Foundry; Venture Capitalist; Fractyl; Setpoint; Fogarty Innovation

"Some of the most powerful partnerships between an investor and entrepreneurs are those that are recurring and consistent over the years and across multiple opportunities. Such has been the partnership between Tara and Incept for nearly two decades. The cornerstone of such successful partnerships in medtech innovation is rooted in trust, respect, and support that is necessary to painstakingly execute on a mission to consistently retire the many seemingly insurmountable risks along the way, and to ensure that such innovation becomes widely available to improve patient outcomes. In my experience, Tara’s role as an investor with an unwavering focus on that important clinical end, has been fully aligned with Incept’s north star that an invention or a startup can only be viewed as innovative, when its products become commercially available to benefit patients and elevate care. When this becomes the modus operandi then one sees the magic of serial success. Tara has been able to be that trusted investor/clinical partner for Incept to make that a reality!"

Fred Khosravi: Serial Entrepreneur; Founder, Incept LLC

...and next-generation medical device leaders

"Tara has been invaluable not only as a board member but as a partner to Tulavi. As a physician herself, she has a keen clinical perspective that allows her to dive deeper and ask the more nuanced questions around patient selection, clinical workflow and site of care. As a venture investor hailing from one of the top Integrated Delivery Networks, she also brings a deep appreciation of the stakeholders involved in driving best practices with a focus on delivering value-based care."

Corinne Bright: Former CEO, CSO & Founder, Tulavi

"Tara’s track record of success is a testament to her understanding of clinical needs, market dynamics, and key stakeholders across patients, physicians, hospitals, and payers. Tara’s inquisitive nature helps her quickly come up to speed and move discussions to longer term strategic thinking. She actively seeks out where she can contribute to a company’s progress and helps make introductions from her broad network. As an investor, Tara skates to where the puck is going, making her a tremendous asset."

Ariel Sutton: EVP & General Manager, Imperative Care; Vice President, Access Closure


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